The Faculty's series of events on gender and equality

The BETTER TOGETHER series of events on gender and equality at the Faculty of Social Sciences was launched in 2017 and takes place once a year. It offers all members of the Faculty, i.e. both academics and students, the opportunity to exchange ideas on the topics of gender and equality.

This series of events aims to increase gender sensitivity at the Faculty of Social Sciences, i.e. the systematic awareness, reflection and consideration of the different life backgrounds of men and women. This goes hand in hand with the aim of promoting the gender competence of all members of the faculty, i.e. their ability to recognize gender aspects in their tasks and to deal with them in a gender equality-oriented manner. As part of this series of events, speakers are usually invited to enrich the exchange through lectures and workshops.

The date and location of the next BETTER TOGETHER event will be announced in good time via the distribution lists of the three institutes of the Faculty of Social Sciences.