Fund for the promotion of young scientists

The fund is intended to enable postdoctoral researchers without their own resources to formulate a third-party funding application, for example to the DFG or other public third-party funding bodies. Up to 2000 euros can be applied for with an informal letter to the Dean. The funds can be used flexibly for the preparation of a proposal, for example for student assistants, trips to archives, research costs, etc.

Applications can be submitted at any time. The letter should contain a brief description of the planned project (research question, methods, research interest, intended funding program such as DFG), a timetable and a justification for the requested funds. The funds will be approved promptly. Additional funds for projects that have already been approved, funds to carry out own (small-scale) research or funds to support teaching, examinations or professorial duties cannot be approved.

The funds are transferred to an appropriate account of the respective department and are exclusively available to the applicant. They must be spent within one year. An informal accountability report must then be submitted to show how and to what extent the funds have been spent and what has become of the project. Of course, it is best if an application has been prepared, submitted and approved. It is worth justifying if the money has been spent, but no application has been formulated and submitted. If you have any questions, please contact the Dean by email or telephone.