Examination Information

Plagiarism Policy of the Faculty of Social Sciences

To ensure good scientific practice, the Faculty of Social Sciences does not tolerate plagiarism.

At the Faculty of Social Sciences, all teaching staff consistently ensure that students learn and adhere to the standards of academic work from the very first semester of their studies. In addition to prevention, this also includes continuous checks for academic misconduct (especially plagiarism). In order to ensure these standards, written assignments and theses must (also) be submitted in digital form. As a rule, submitted work is checked using special software to ensure that no aids or sources other than those specified have been used.

In the event of proven cheating, the corresponding examination will be assessed as "failed" (5.0). In serious and repeated cases, the examination board of the respective subject has far-reaching sanction options, which can lead to the de-registration of the person concerned in accordance with Art. 49, Para. 2, No. 3 BayHSchG.

Further information can be found on the PAGS website.